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Alan Levine feels weird writing about himself in the third person.

He is recognized for expertise in the application of new technologies to education. A pioneer on the web in the 1990s and an early proponent of blogs and RSS, Alan shares his ideas and discoveries at CogDogBlog. Among his recent interests are new forms of web storytelling (including 50+ Web 2.0 Ways To Tell a Story, pechaflickr, and the StoryBox), as well as leading and teaching the open digital storytelling class, ds106.

Most recently (October 2014-March 2015) spending four months as an Open Learning Fellow at Thompson Rivers University, he typically fills time consulting with higher educational institutions on digital technologies and the affordances of the open web working with institutions such as the Digital Media Hub, Mozilla, and Virginia Commonwealth University. He has served as an instructional technology specialist at the University of Mary Washington, following leadership positions at the New Media Consortium and the Maricopa Community Colleges.

When possible, he enjoys the peace of a little cabin in Strawberry, Arizona. His interests include digital photography, bending WordPress to his whims, and randomly dipping into the infinite rivers of the internet.

He is done talking about himself... but wait, like a Ronco TV commercial, there is more.

Past Work Lives
Other Stops Along the Way
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For all my digital preferences, I do on occasion, move through the publication process.


Web Work

I've been making web sites since 1993, always climbing the learning curve. Much of the work below is built in Wordpress, with fair amount of custom coding. Also included are samples of digital storytelling sites, my interest in photography, and assorted bits of programming. This is the sampler, a complete portfolio is coming soon to CogDog It.

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These are a few of the organizations I have done work for lately... you know what to do if you want your icon up that row, correct?


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